Administration order removal

An administration order can be cancelled if “good cause” can be demonstrated to the court.

What is an administration order?

An Administration Order is a legally binding administrative arrangement, issued by a County Court, that enables you to pay only what you can afford each month (after your essential expenditure such as priority debts and general living costs have been accounted for) towards your credit debts.

Removal of administration order from credit report

 It is important to know that even once you have paid the creditors placed under administration in full, the administration order will not automatically be removed from your credit record. You still need to go to court to rescind the administration order and obtain a 74Q Rescission Court Order. This rescission court order can then be submitted to the credit bureau and the Administration Notice will be removed from your Credit Record within 20 days. Once removed you can now be able to apply for credit facilities again. 

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